AmeriSeva was started as an organization to serve and improve the lives of our local community through various volunteer activities.

Today, we are a vibrant and growing group working together to solve some of the biggest issues affecting our community. AmeriSeva is dedicated to promoting empowerment of people, protection of their rights, and respect for cultural diversity among our neighborhood community. AmeriSeva is a committed, grass roots organizations that relies strongly on volunteer efforts and where our support will make a significant difference in peace and harmony within the community.

AmeriSeva is working toward prosperity through economic and social justice. AmriSeva is a nonpartisan organization that tackles the most difficult issues facing the South Asian community. Our purpose is to strengthen families, grow a sustainable regional economy, cultivate leadership and philanthropy, and foster respect for all.

Some of our recent achievements include:

  • Celebrated Indian Republic Day
  • Gave water bottles at Veteran's Day Parade
  • Organized street clean up for Great PA Clean Up
  • Convinced PA Turnpike Commission to change Exit 351 sign to write "Bensalem" exit (previously "Philadelphia" exit)
  • Supplied free school back packs & other supplies to less fortunate kids at Bensalem schools
  • Gave new pantry items to less fortunate families
  • On Thanksgiving Day distribute cooked dinner plates to less fortunate families
  • Organized FREE medical camp:
    • Breast Cancer Awareness & Educational Workshops
    • Mammograms
    • Flu shots
    • Blood sugar & blood pressure check-ups
    • Dental Exam
  • Petitioned Indian Consulate to reduce the surrender fee for Indian passports from $175 down to $20 for NRI

About AmeriSeva

AmeriSeva is an organization that provides volunteer services and programs to improve the lives of our local community.

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What We Do

  • Clean Up Day
  • Freedom From Hunger
  • Health Camp
  • Indian Republic Day Celebration
  • School Supplies
  • Community Projects


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Tel: 215-768-0015

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